Community Arts

Valentine is an experienced community artist and facilitator who uses mixed-media creative practices. She has worked on community events produced by No Fit State such as Gwledd Park Feast in Adamsdown, Cardiff, Golau Parc Light, and at Oasis, a centre supporting people seeking sanctuary in Cardiff.

Participatory mural for Gwledd Park Feast in Adamsdown, Cardiff. This is a visual installation to invite people to meet each others and not be strangers. Commissioned by NoFitState.

'Light stories' is an installation co-designed and co-created with young people attending TGP Cymru. TGP supports young people seeking asylum. It was experienced by many people during 2 days as part of the Golau Parc light community event produced by No Fit State in February 2024. All the materials were sustainably sourced (CORREX coming from the local scrapstore).