Set & Costume Design

Valentine has been working as a set and costume designer in Wales, London and France. Collaborators include: Arad Goch, Theatr Iolo, The Vaults Theatre, Seven Dials Playhouse, London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and Fontainebleau School of Acting.


Sainsbury theatre, LAMDA, London

Directed by Anna Marsland / Assistant director Rebecca Lewis / Lighting by Luca Panetta / Sound by Bella Kearl / Costume supervision by Olivia Weltz / Costume assistant Riana Azoro / Production management by Olivia Saint / Photography by AlexBrenner © LAMDA 2020

Storyboard in model box

Model box & inspirations


Diary of a Somebody

Review from The Guardian.

Seven Dials Playhouse, London / Written by John Lahr / Directed by Nico Rao Pimparé / Lighting by Luca Panetta / Sound by Andrew Avery / Producer Darren Murphy / Stage management by Maja Lach

Photography by Brittain Photography

Storyboard in model box

Costume moodboard

Faustus: that damned woman

Carne studio, LAMDA, London / Written by Chris Bush / Directed by Anna Marsland / Assisted by Max Griggs / Lighting by Tom McCreadie / Sound by Marie Zschommler / Construction by Harry Masters / Props sourcing and Stage management by Ewen Roberts, Lily O’Connor and James Imber / Costume supervisor Olivia Weltz / Costume assistants, head sculptor and painter Emmy Tobitt and Kiera Fox / Production manager Claudia Penna-Rojas / Scenic painting by Cristiana Maranca

Photography by Alex Brenner

Costume design

Storyboard in model box


Maison dans la Vallée, Avon / Fontainebleau School of Acting, France / Directed by Kirsty Bushell & Edward Bennett / Associate director: Marta Horyza / Choreogray: Fannny Marmouset / Lighting designer: Woody / Sound designer: Elea Lecoq / Stage manager: Charlotte Taylor

Set design concept

Knives in Hens

Carne studio, LAMDA, London / Written by David Harrower / Directed by Philip Leone-Ganado / Lighting by Neill Brinkworth / Sound by Will Thompson / Technical management by Sean Teng / Photography by AlexBrenner © LAMDA 2020

Costume sketches